Sunday, March 31, 2013


My daughter Ariana is training to become a dentist at the James Cook University in Cairns so I thought the least I could do was put together a site that might help her in her studies as a Dental Student and afterwards as a practicing Dentist.

Dentists get up close and personal to their  patients. They often wear loupes allowing them to carefully inspect the face and neck region and are in an ideal position to point out important additional information to patients such as the development of early skin cancers.

Many skin diseases also have oral manifestations. These may be the initial presentations of these skin diseases eg lichen planus, pemphigus, herpes simplex, Addison's disease etc. Hence the dentist is in an ideal position to help diagnose these problems.

This website will be divided into sections by anatomical area. If the rash or tumour is in this area look at that section first and then at the relevant subsection.

If you are a Dental Student then just go to the Oral Medicine for Dental Students Page above and view the videos of each topic and then carefully look at the slides. They cover the important information a student is likely to be asked about in their exams.

eMail me at  for any conditions that  I may have missed and which you feel are important and for any mistakes I may have made and i will endevour to correct them.
Best wishes
Dr Ian McColl FACD

This is the classic white reticulate or net like pattern of lichen planus on the buccal mucosae